Empire Agricultural Coffee Services Ltd

Empire Agricultural Coffee Services Ltd (EACS) is a registered Production, marketing and Export company in Uganda, currently involved in collecting, processing and exporting agriculture produce mainly coffee. It is an organic certified company (under NOP) by CERES and receives produce from only registered member co-operatives and groups. 

EACS was established in 2011 on the realization that farmers were not earning well enough from their produce due to low produce, limited participation in value addition and unorganized markets. EACS was then born to provide them with the opportunity to participate in and benefit from the coffee value chain through value addition including: improved production (quantity and quality), processing (milling), bulking and collective marketing. The idea was to enable poor household farmers get increased incomes from increasing production and sales of their produce and eventually improve their livelihoods in areas of education, health care, nutrition, housing and general wellbeing.

EACS believes that in order to benefit from their produce, farmers need to be meaningful participants and stakeholders in the value chain. To achieve this, EACS created a model that allows the farmers to relate and work with their marketing agent and buyers through clearly defined structures and mechanisms.

Currently, EACS partners with COEXIST FOUNDATION OF AMERICA as the buyer and financier and 4 member producer co-operatives and groups in the Bugisu sub-region in Eastern Uganda (Mbale, Budadiri, Manafwa and Sironko) to bulk and raise the required volumes of good quality coffee.

EACS is privately owned, governed by a Board of Directors and works closely with registered member producer co-operatives within Uganda. The day-to-day affairs of the company are run by a Secretariat headed by a Managing Director (MD). The MD is supported by a team of operational, technical and administrative staff.